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About Us
About Us

Leading Edge Auto Refinishes, Inc., founded in 1993, is a single-line BASF ColorSource™ distributor, recognized as one of the most innovative automotive paint distributors in North America.

Within months of becoming a BASF authorized distributor, Leading Edge was invited to join BASF’s elite ColorSource™ Jobber Network and soon thereafter was asked to participate on the BASF National ColorSource™ Council that acts as a liaison between BASF's distribution channel and the BASF Corporation.

Before starting the company, we studied the collision industry’s strengths and weaknesses. We identified areas where we could make significant improvements and offer value-added benefits to our future employees and customers. We seek out and employ talented individuals and identify visionary shop owners who see opportunity where others simply accept the status quo. Consequently, our first order of business was getting the right staff on the team by demonstrating to them that a forward thinking business model, driven by technology and innovation, would set our company and customers apart from the competition. Our staff and customers are leaders, not followers.

Leading Edge understands the issues and obstacles facing the collision industry but recognizes that emerging trends present new opportunities. Entire industries are experiencing devastating paradigm shifts as old business models become obsolete and huge corporations are being forced to change their strategies or fade into oblivion. Transition is difficult but the choices are clear. Companies that face reality and react will survive and emerge stronger, more flexible and better prepared to succeed. New innovations and technologies are destroying huge multi-national corporations and at the same time are birthing new variations of business opportunities. Leading Edge chooses to adapt and embrace change by reshaping and redefining the vendor – shop relationship by leveraging technology, intellectual assets, geographical location, and purchasing consolidation to create strong national and state alliances across the broad spectrum of the collision industry.

Although Leading Edge and BASF offer unparalleled products, technical services and support in Arizona, shop profitability is under pressure and longevity is uncertain as the relationships between insurance companies and collision shop owners evolve. Leading Edge and BASF are bridging the gap between shop owners and insurance companies by helping our customers deal with and navigate in a more complex and challenging business environment.

Meeting the new challenges of the collision industry requires new skills and tools. Leading Edge realizes that many of our customers don’t take the time for innovative thinking because they can’t find the time for bad thinking. Our customers are trying to keep their businesses afloat and only recently have they become preoccupied about getting work into the shop and getting out a quality repair, in the shortest period of time. Insurance companies are searching for the same results, yet strained collision shop - insurance relationships impede finding common ground on which to build a mutually beneficial partnership.

Leading Edge is taking a leadership role in bridging the gap between professional and quality driven collision shops and insurance companies who have mutual goals and objectives. By leveraging our extensive business relationship in legal, banking, real estate, construction, health care, financial planning, insurance, equipment, technology and marketing, Leading Edge customers are integrated into a unique community of business professionals who provide information and advice on a variety of business subjects. Through our affiliated companies, business seminars and one-on-one meetings, Leading Edge customers are the most professional and best-equipped collision shops in Arizona. We believe that our customers will not only survive, but also prosper as the collision business environment develops.



Our Mission

Leading Edge will be a significant and influential paint distributor in the markets we choose to serve. Our focus will be on relating to our customers and vendors and working with these business partners to obtain mutually beneficial goals of profitability and sustainable growth for all.

We will provide a working atmosphere that values integrity, honesty, work ethic and the willingness to take on more responsibility generating opportunity for employees who demonstrate these traits.